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Wow, is it that long since I posted!?

Hello, I realise I've been a bit absent. Why? Well, this is all techy stuff and doesn't involve glass or making fun things.

I'm on my Summer holidays from the day job so figured I'd best organise my life (that didn't really last that long as I intended to declutter and stuff... boring and tedious, I did a bit and then got confuzzled over what to do next, or even where to start properly!) However, it does mean I'm having a vague look at my website and clearing up my work table a bit (ex-dining room table). I also thought I should make some new products but haven't quite worked out what yet, open to suggestions!

I wondered about doing some step by step photos to show you my process or attempting some video things? I'm also thinking about having a proper look at possible locations for workshops near me (Hertford or Ware are the possibles so far). The other issue with workshops is what to teach people? The flowery thing below would be tricky as I can't transport those, even a sneeze or gust of wind can cause havoc for these! Let me know of any thoughts you may have in the comments please.

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