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George is all set on world domination!

I was all set for a quiet weekend when I saw an email that caught my attention. A printers had a deal on screen printed tote bags,.... hmmm.... tempting. But I had no artwork prepared or thought through at all and it was only on for 2 days.

I started doodling and after rather too many discarded designs decided I was happy with this one and actually sent it to print! You may not think this is a big deal, but I keep having bright ideas and then life gets in the way and they don't make it to fruition.

Fast forward to today and they have arrived, and I love them! 2 have already been rehomed (well, to me & Megan as it was only right we had some too). That means there are 48 left to send into the world, so Geroge can go a bit further into the world. He really is keen on world domination so is already looking to see what he can have his image printed on... rather a lot it seems!

Dinner calls so I'm off to eat now, but I shall continue working out the best envelope to get him posted out in, along with new business cards.

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